Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New Alliance to Rebuild Southern Sudan

September 20-21st about 40 Sudanese Lost Boys and their American friends representing more than 15 US-based non profit organizations rebuilding Southern Sudan gathered in Rochester, New York for the first time to discuss the formation of an alliance. ACDA president Peter Magai Bul helped to coordinate this effort and he, along with Brandi Reissenweber, attended this meeting to lay the groundwork for the alliance.

Individually, many of the organizations involved have already made a real impact in Southern Sudan. ACDA has helped establish and support Pongborong Primary School. The John Dau Sudan Foundation has built and runs a hospital in Duk County. Water for Sudan has drilled new boreholes providing clean water in several communities in Southern Sudan. Working together, however, we can make an even larger impact, providing the framework of primary and secondary school education, clean water, better access to health care and developing agricultural programs.

Read more at RNews: Rochester Sends Hope to Sudan

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