Friday, July 30, 2010

Pongborong Primary School Update

< Pongborong Primary School now has 6 permanent structure classrooms! This is a wonderful upgrade from the previous huts made of grasses and mud, which needed to be rebuilt every two years. A team of ACDA members, including Jim Thompson, Peter Barach Kuany and Peter Magai Bul, traveled to the Ayual Community to negotiate and sign the contract for the construction of additional classrooms. Sudan's Jongulei-based Rhino Star Company just finished construction this month.

Funding of the school construction was made possible by ACDA donors, members and Messiah Lutheran Church of Omaha in Nebraska. The team also took and distributed soccer uniforms, footballs, shoes, t-shirts, dictionaries, books and other supplies. Chicago’s Eliza Mozer’s fundraising campaign raised enough money for school uniforms for 400 students. The teacher’s uniforms were provided by Dana College of Nebraska.

We’re thrilled to see all the hard work and generosity of donors resulting in improved facilities and a better educational experience for the teachers and youth of the Ayual Community.